Urban Agility

This is not your typical pole weaving and PVC hurdle jumping agility. While that is great we take another approach when it comes to helping our dogs build stress thresholds.

When we present an obstacle that takes courage, strength, athleticism, communication, and a lot of times team work, we achieve confidence out of the dog. When we scale walls together, walk elevated beams, climb ladders, cross unstable bridges, ride in a vehicles, rappel, and tunnel we build courage. We must challenge our dogs stress threshold to achieve success in the real world.

We will never challenge our dogs to work in an environment/expect them to go into harms way if we do not have the ability or capability to do it ourselves. This is why we work agility as a team. Not only is the dog building confidence in its self but the dog is building confidence in their handler. The same goes for the handler fine tuning their skills as well. It is an unstoppable force when you have a team built on trust that has accomplished fears together.