Assets of a Properly Trained Protection Dog :
Stable (the most important one)
Clear Headed
Will to Fight

We did not create this standard; we uphold it. Not only has the de-escalation of working breeds
been at an all time low, so is the training. Our goal is to provide dogs that neutralize threats by
any means necessary. Our approach is very methodical when it comes to proofing our work,
should it ever be a necessity to be used in a real world, everyday scenario. From the start, a
young pup is taught that the threat is real, the guns are real, the bullets are real, the vehicles are
real, the fight is real, and ultimately we want our dogs to know we will go to war with them. How
we implement stress, is how we insure real world success. Have you fought with your dog? Have you had to send multiple dogs? Does your dog understand self preservation during the fight? Does your dog understand who the teammates are opposed to the threat? Liabilities are most dogs today that patrol our streets and are the protectors of families and their home.

Genetics play a huge role in the ultimate decision making process of the dog. We are just here to help wake the dog’s instincts up by coaching them and building them into an asset that can function as a teammate rather than a mindless robot that can only think with its teeth. We will not breed dogs that have not proven themselves.

Proper Exposure
PPE (Muzzle, Vest, Harness, Eye Pro, Ear Pro, Booties)
Not only does the dog need to function with PPE, but our dogs must function while we have on our PPE. I don’t care if you're protecting your home or you are QRF, you have limitations when implementing weapons in your home (remember, you are in the fight with the dog) or in a full combat load. Your movement, commands, and entire demeanor are presented different.
Anyone that has worked dogs know they’re creatures of habit. Most trainers are complacent and fail to implement all aspects of the scenario to the dog. This is what causes a dog team to fail.

When the team fails, situations arise such as having a dog that bites a teammate in a stack just before making entry after the first shot is fired; a dog bites a teammate that is taking down the threat; or you're at home and your dog bites your screaming wife because they were never taught what an actual threat is and was never exposed to the proper stress.

Weapons (pistols, carbines, multiple calibers, combative blades)
Vehicles (ATV, Side X Side, Cover and Concealment inside and outside of vehicle, SUV, Trucks, Sedans)
Environment (home clearing, commercial structure clearing, scenario based events of
everyday life your dog, amphibious, fire)
Nothing changes when it comes to picking the right dog that will go to war for you. Whether you are protecting your home or you are in a department/agency the same threat that wants to cause harm to your family is the same threat the SRT team is going to neutralize as well. We just provide you with a more prompt response.