Today we live in a society where there is no personal accountability – a soft society that makes excuses for everything. We also have a tendency to follow the herd, stay with the "norm" and wait for someone else to tell us what to do and when to do it. This conformity allows people to avoid confrontation and hurting someone else's feelings. This is why there is no personal accountability. It has weakened our society and has even extended into creating weak and poorly trained dogs.

Every person should not be a dog owner. Dogs require a life-long commitment and a lot of work. In today's society, dog owners are lazy. What they are really looking for is a living, stuffed animal that is just supposed to magically behave and put on a show with no effort. These dogs have no drive and no purpose. Dogs are not meant for show or social status. Even if their purpose is to take a walk to check the mail, it's still a purpose.
The pet industry has made a living off of the humanization of dogs, all based on greed and profit. They play on your emotions so that you will spend money on ridiculous and unnecessary gadgets for your dog. Dogs are simple creatures and this industry has turned dog ownership into a three-ring circus. This realization doesn't require rocket science, just common sense.

Building a true bond, over a relationship, is the key to successful training. A dog trainer should tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You are paying for accurate knowledge, not warm and fuzzy useless information. A true test of skill is observing the trainer's dog in a real-life situation, their class setting and being able to talk with their students openly.

Dog training is simple. It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever truly experience if you are a dog lover.

We believe obedience is the root to building communication, setting the standard, and expectations for desired behaviors or correcting unwanted behaviors. We do not bribe with toys, food, clickers, or e-collars. We show our dogs what is expected before we hold them accountable. They perform for us willingly not forcefully and function as a working counterpart, not a slave. Our bond is the ultimate reward. Most dogs these days have a better relationship with the dog next door or their ball than the person that provides shelter, food, and water.

The more communication you have, the better the dog understands its capabilities, along with their incapabilities. This makes them better fighters, trackers, and thinkers. Don’t fall for the mindset that dogs cannot problem solve. With the correct training you can have a dog that will go to great lengths to protect those that love them while also keeping their self-worth in check.